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Help understanding Memtest86 errors

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  • Help understanding Memtest86 errors

    I am new to memtest and testing memory in general. I am pretty tech savy but have not had any issue like I am experiencing with my PC now. Recently my PC keeps crashing games when playing them. Right now darksiders genesis, Jedi fallen Order, and Apex legends. Each one crashes quite often. I thought it was a problem with my GPU but the other day I got a BSOD with memory management as the error code making me think I might have bad RAM that is causing the issue rather than the GPU. I ran memtest86 and got over 10,000 errors. The test also did not complete fully due to so many errors. This tells me that I probably have a serious issue with my memory. Although not under load my computer runs fine streaming shows and doing normal PC stuff. It is just under load that it is an issue. Any assistance with understanding the errors would be appreciated. The error codes do not mean anything to me. I have attached the errors to this post.
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    Yes, there is a hardware failure of some type.
    Extremely unlikely it is the GPU.
    Much more likely it is the RAM.

    See this page to start with.


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      Thanks David. The part throwing me off in the error is the CPU part of it. Will Memtest detect CPU issues? Also when the test ran it detected 8 cores on the CPU but only 4 were active for the test. Is that normal as well or could that be indicative of an issue with my CPU as well?


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        A bad CPU can result in errors that look like RAM errors. (or Memtest86 crashing)

        But Memtest86 doesn't really attempt to test the CPU.

        Hyperthreaded virtual cores are not used for testing.


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          I left 1 RAM stick in and ran memtest86. Within minutes I had over 1000 errors with 1 of my RAM sticks. I took that one out and put the other one back in. So far no errors and it is on pass 2. Since you guys are obviously RAM experts. If I have 1 stick that went bad and 1 that is working. Is it worth trying to find the exact type of RAM and only getting 1 so they are compatible or is it better to just replace both at the same time? My set up was 2 X 8GB so I can run on 1 stick for a bit and be okay.


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            Yes, most CPUs and motherboard are fine running 1 stick. There is a small performance penalty however.

            Check the warranty.
            You might be able to get it replaced for free.


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              I am checking into that now. Thanks!