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Advice needed for VST work horse

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  • Advice needed for VST work horse I've built a few computers over the years, but never a powerhouse desktop.I'm not into gaming. I play a synthesizer in my spare time instead and use Photoshop CS3 for photography. I'll be using Sonar and Omnisphere on my new machine. Thats why I chose 16GB of RAM. Some of the samples in Omnisphere are huge and I may have multiple samples open simultaneously. I may slightly OC, thats the reason for liquid cooling. Plus heat is just plain and simple a bad thing for hardware. I'm a little unsure about my video card choice since I won't be gaming, but I will be working with high rez .RAW files.Can anyone recommend something I should change or will this build handle what I plan to throw at it?Thanks for reading.
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    The AMD CPU doesn't have very good single threaded performance & I think it would be rare you can fully use 8 cores. So you might be better off with a Intel Core i7-4770 or something like that.

    I think the case has fans in it already, so do you really need 4 more? Sounds like noisy overkill. If you are doing audio work you don't want a noisy machine.

    Do you really need a 750W PSU. Would seem to be overkill and PSUs are typically less efficient at low load.

    Do really need the liquid cooler. You can do light overclocking on air with a reasonable heatsink.

    If you aren't doing any 3D work, then the video card is overkill. The (free) HD Graphics 4600 in the i7-4770 is fine for 2D work.

    My advice would be to save money on the liquid cooling and video card. Spend it instead in getting big dual screen monitors.


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      Ohh....dual monitors. Hell of an idea!I'm gonna redesign this thing now. I just wasn't sure on how to configure this beast.Thanks so much. I'll get back with ya once I figure out what I want.