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  • Understanding an error

    Hello everyone, I am trying to understand an error that I am getting on a memtest run.
    I have searched around to try and find something specific to what I am seeing, but have not had any success, hence my post here.

    I have several error lines, more or less the same. this is one of them identical to its print out.
    Test: 13 Addr: 5C041469 Expected: 36A325BD Actual: 36A325FD CPU: 0

    Its the CPU part that I am confused about. does this mean there is an issue with the CPU?
    or can anyone explain what this means?
    The test is still running, 1 hour and a half now, Pass 2/4 in address mode 64
    and a line at the bottom that says Finished pass #1 (of 4) (cumulative error count : 10)

    any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

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    Probably bad RAM. See,

    Very unlikely to be a CPU fault.


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      Hi David,
      Thank you for your reply, the URL you have provided loads a page not found "404".

      I am a fairly technical guy, I have a lot of experience in the field, however with this particular system, I am struggling a bit.
      Here is the detailed story.

      I have eight systems all identical to my disposal.
      the system in question "hostname / obsest1" is the machine with difficulties.

      the build and specs are:
      9700k Not over clocked.
      G.Skil Trident Z RGB quad kid (8gb / 16gb total) ddr4 3200 dimm 288 sku-F43200c16q32GTZR
      Asus Maximus xi z390
      360 aio cpu cooler push pull config
      850w asus PSU
      x2 samsung 970 m.2 disks (250gb OS / 1000gb Data)

      I have run memtest on all the systems, 2 have come back with errors, (obsest1 and obses3) "lets ignore obses3 for the moment.
      the rest passed no errors.
      I have taken the ram from obsest2 put it into obsest1 re run the test and got errors.
      this is why I feel the problem is not a ram issue.

      I have run many tests on all the systems checking all the components. passmarks performance test, aida 64, prime95 pcmarks10, crystial disk, spinrite.
      memtest is the only one that highlights issues.

      Now i know that there is a serious issue on obsest1 because I am constantly getting bosd's ntkernal.exe issues.
      Windows has been reinstalled.
      bsod continues.
      i have cloned the os disk off a perfectly working system put it back in
      bsod continues.

      my gut tells me its a motherboard issue but the eventlog does not really indicate so.
      my next assumption would be CPU, but the cpu breezes through all the cpu stress tests and benchmarks I throw at it.
      the bsod screens are totally random as well, the system crashes on idle. i cannot seem to tie it to an program or isolate it to an action.

      before i go stripping the system down and putting confirmed working parts from obsest2 into obsest1 "such as the cpu, gpu, ram(again) etc
      I was hoping to better understand what the error could mean.

      I am more then happy to screen share and have a chat with you about this if your up for a bit of a challenge/hangout and a good chat.
      You can get my attention immediately by emailing me on or popping me a whatsapp on +41763751768

      Any info, screenshots, reports etc you would like to see, i am more then happy to send your way.



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        Sorry about the broken link, we were just in the process of launching a updated web site for Memtest86.

        Can you paste in the full test report. Were the errors only on test #13?
        (Test #13 is special as it indicates more of a design flaw, or settings error in BIOS, rather than a hardware failure).