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USB Linux dongle not booting

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  • USB Linux dongle not booting


    I recently bought one of the Passmark Created Linux Burnin Dongles.

    Trying to current boot to two different Supermicro MBs. A X10DRW and a X10DRG-HT. Both with Dual CPUs.

    Both boot part way into Linux but stop just short of getting to the GUI to allow me to run burnin.

    Any suggestion on how to get either of these systems to get all the way into Linux?

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    I believe these graphics cards might not be supported by Porteus Linux (the underlining OS that USB Bootable BurnInTest Linux runs off of). We have had several reports of problems like this they where they were using a super micro system that had an "ASPEED AST2400". We were unable to locate any Porteus specific drivers for ASPEED cards, there is a generic Linux driver available however that would require being able to boot to install it.

    You could try booting into the command line only option when the Porteus boot screen is displayed, however I don't believe we have setup/tested the command line only mode so likely some required scripts wouldn't be executed so BurnInTest might not run without some changes.

    You could also search for a version of Linux that does support them out of the box and either install it locally or create a self boot USB using that version then you should be able to run BurnInTest from the USB drive directly.


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      Is there a document or website that I can look at that will give me command prompt commands to be able to run burnin in this version of linux?

      I can try that then.


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        Update: I did find the readme.txt file thats in the attached picture which calls out instructions for running Burnin from the command line.

        Command: ./bit_cmd_line_x64
        Click image for larger version

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        When I run it, I get the error: error while loading shared libraries: open shared object file: no such file or directory

        Any further direction I might be able to try?

        Appreciate the help.
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          You can check the FAQ question for the standalone BurnInTest Linux to see if you can locate the file.

          Q. I am getting "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file:
          No such file or directory?" error when I launch BurnInTest Linux from the command line, why?

          But this may be related to the above comment where we haven't setup/tested the command line only mode from the Bootable USB Flash drive, so likely some required scripts wouldn't be executed so BurnInTest might not run without some changes. If you are unable to get it to work, then the best person to look at this is located in our Australia Head Office and he may have input on Monday.


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            Looking at the product page for the Linux dongle, I don't see a reference anywhere as to what MB/Chipsets was tested to work with the product.

            Does your team have a listing of that information somewhere that can be shared?