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I would like to benchmark the CPU performance of a container on Azure

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  • I would like to benchmark the CPU performance of a container on Azure

    Hi all,
    I first used Passmark more than 10 years ago to compare the performance of servers. It worked really well. Today, I am faced with a situation where I need to take a decision on selecting the right cloud technology.

    Example scenarios -
    1. How does an Azure container with 2 vCPU+4 GB RAM compare with 4 vCPU+4 GB RAM.
    2. What is the performance difference between containers on Amazon and Azure
    3. What is the performance difference between the CPU of Azure container and Azure serverless functions .

    While the cloud has given us tremendous flexibility and choices - there is often the downside that there is a significant trial and error involved before you can settle for a solution. I am hoping a tool like Passmark will help me do some rapid tests and help me arrive at some decisions.
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    As long as you are running Windows in the cloud instance, it should be fine.
    The specs offered by AWS are often very vague. So the 2 vCPU unit you test today might be a very different machine from the machine you are given tomorrow (or the machine you are given in a different data center)


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      Thanks for replying. Is there any documentation of PassMark working inside an Azure serverless function?
      Click image for larger version

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      thank you.


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        We haven't looked into Azure serverless function. I am pretty sure the concept of a serverless function doesn't include running a full Windows application and the functions don't run on a full copy of Windows. i.e. You can't run Word, or Doom or any other Windows application as a serverless function. I don't think Azure can even run C++ code.


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          You are right. No MS Word or Excel.

          But, un-managed executable - definitely yes. Example - I am running the command line tool from FFMPEG to determine the format of a media file. We are spawning this process from a server-less function written using C#.

          The answer is case specific.

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