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Fx 8300 benchmark results?

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  • Fx 8300 benchmark results?

    Hello there! I'm shopping for a new pc and I happened to come across one with a fx-8300 in it. I was looking at the benchmarks and I don't see any I-5's coming close to the 8320 (similar to the 8300). On some of the other benchmark sites though, I see alot of I-5's vastly outperforming fx-8320 and 8350.I mostly do gaming and was wondering if I should stick with this chip vs. an I-5 for the most bang for my buck. Thanks all. Any advice on an I-5 vs an Fx-8320 is greatly appreciated.
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    Any advice? Thanks.


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      The 8320 is a cheap 8 core CPU.
      So any game or benchmark that can use 8 cores will run well on this CPU.

      However if you look at the single threaded performance, it doesn't do so well and you would be better off with the i5.