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  • Need Advice on a specific case

    I have a Dell R530 Server with RAID COntroller with 6x600GB Drives in RAID5. OS is win2016std.

    I need to boot with OSForensics CD and make exact replica of the RAID Drive. This should be about 3TB of usable space. of which about 800GB is used.

    I hope OSForensics if booted from CDROM Drive, can recognize a RAID volume.

    1. If I use use encase formats while making copy, what would be the size of the target copy size approximately?
    2. I could not locate any ISO image of OSForensics software. If available please post a link.
    3. Would ImageUSB serve the above purpose ?
    4. IF the individual partition size is > 2TB wil it pose any problem while copying ?

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    We don't support booting OSForensics from CD.
    You can create a WinPE boot setup on a USB drive however. But there are dozens of RAID controllers and you can't be sure the right RAID controller device driver will be available unless you do some research and testing in advance.

    But if you are only interested in copying the disk (and not doing any actual forensics after booting from USB), then these options might be better.
    A) OSFClone
    B) Imaging the volume with OSF from within Windows Server 2016
    C) Taking a logical image of the file system, and not the whole disk.

    In answer to your questions.
    1) You already asked this, and we already answered.
    2) Doesn't exist
    3) No
    4) No (unless the destination drive is too small)


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      Thank you David for a prompt reply. It has addressed my queries satisfactorily