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    Hey, am I doing something wrong or is the passmark website's search function the worse one you've ever seen in your life? I've always assumed that the search function could be used to search for benchmarks but "i5 3570k" and "gtx 660 ti" always come up with nothing. I always end up having to go to Google and type "i5 3570k passmark."

    Can you guys please fix this? It's been like this for years.

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    Index might be a bit of date, let me check....


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      We actually run our own site search engine on the web sites. But we have been beta testing a new release and it looks like it dropped a few domain names from the list of sites to index, due to a bug. So thanks for pointing this out.

      This has now been corrected. So can you give it go now and let me know if any valid looking search terms don't turn up relevant results.