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Where are the prices listed on each item found from?

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  • Where are the prices listed on each item found from?

    I noticed that there are links to the found prices (Amazon, Newegg etc) within the GPU benchmark database, at somewhat similar prices to the one found, but it isn't the same case for the Hard Drive benchmarks- it has found a price change, yet there is no link to where it found the item at that price.
    Getting my hands on a 1TB Viper SSD for that lower price would be a steal... So, where has the item been detected at that price? Where do the found prices come from?

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    Prices come from NewEgg and Amazon.
    We'll check on the Viper price.


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      If you have ad blocker enable, you may not see the price table on the product page.

      However, with that said, the old adage applies, "If it seems too good to be true, chances are it is incorrect". The price that was listed, $49.99, was actually for the 256GB variant. Our script was incorrectly matching the smaller size drive for the 1TB model. We are in the midst of updating the matching algorithm to reduce the amount of false matches in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.