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Defrauded on eBay Purchase? Passmark rating too low for i3-2350M

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  • Defrauded on eBay Purchase? Passmark rating too low for i3-2350M

    I bought a Dell computer with an i2350M cpu from a seller called slekpro.

    It's a refurbished laptop.

    My Passmark rating with the free old software came out to be 960. Whereas it says on the website that the rating for this cpu is 2600.

    Have I been clearly defrauded?

    Has anyone else encountered this problem. I will pursue this aggressively.

    Also, my computer is quite slow. It cannot handle multiple tabs of browsers and very frequently it just keeps sitting and thinking when many programs are open.

    How should I pursue this?

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    I would first check the hardware that is listed to be in the machine matches what you expect. i.e. is the hard drive the right size, is the CPU really a i3-2350M, etc..

    The Passmark rating is an overall performance measure. It can't be compared to the CPUMark value (which just measures the CPU performance).

    Also, there are other reasons a PC might be slow that are not always related to the hardware,
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      I used Intel's software, it passes the test. The device manager says it is a i3-2350M.

      It says it has one physical core and four logical cores. I thought this processor had two physical cores and four logical cores.

      The hard drive is actually what it says.

      I don't know if the peripheral devices have anything to do with the passmark rating.

      I thought that the passmark software hits the cpu and graphical units directly by writing to the registers and so on directly. Also the cooling is fine according to the Intel software.

      Is it possible that there is some manufacturing defect in the CPU itself. Probably some subtle intricate defect. It is manufacturer refurbished. Why would the manufacturer discard this.

      Alternatively, something might be wrong with the motherboard.


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        There is no such thing as a refurbished CPU. It either works or it doesn't, there is no fixing up a broken CPU. On the other hand a working used CPU should be just as good as a new one (of the same model).

        What was the CPUMark value you got for your CPU?
        What operating system are you running? (64bit or 32bit)?