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The 3 CPU Compare Capability seems to be broken

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  • The 3 CPU Compare Capability seems to be broken

    The ability to add up to three CPUs to a list that hangs in a floating window off to the left, and to later edit that list to remove and add CPUs, seems to have broken today. I tried on Windows Internet Explorer and Chrome. It would be nice to have than 3 CPUs in the list. I used that feature a lot to determine which CPUs were best.

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    I wasn't able to reproduce the issue. We were updating our main website look and feel that might of temporarily affected other sites operation. Can you test again and let us know if you still are unable to use the compare feature? If so, can you provide a screenshot or any further details that may help us narrow down the issue.


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      I checked today. It seems to be working again. It must have been just a one day blip. Thanks!


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        It's unfortunately still broken for me. When I add three CPUs to the comparison list and click on "Compare", it'll open the following URL:

        That displays the following error message:
        Error404 : page not found

        The page that you are looking for no longer exists.

        If you think that there should be a page here or if you think that this is
        not normal, and that there is an error on our website, please contact us.

        I've tried both Chrome and Firefox, and the issues is reproducible in both browsers.


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          We are working to come up with a solution. We have been made aware of the issue and we have temporarily rolled back a change recently implemented.


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            Is OK again now. Was broken for a few hours while we tried to fix up a redirect loop from Google hitting non existent URLs.