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Cray Supercomputer comparason

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  • Cray Supercomputer comparason

    I have an AMD FX-6300 six core processor in my computer and the Performance Test 8.0 gives me slightly over 5300 million operations per second on the CPU - Floating Point Math. On the Cray Supercomputer history page,
    it states that the original supercomputer had a processing speed of 160 MFlops.

    Does this mean that my desktop can calculate more than 30 times faster than the original supercomputer?

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    Yes. Today's PCs are now a lot more powerful than a 40 year old super computer.

    The exact type of floating point operations might not be the same (e.g. 64bit addition, 128bit division, 8 bit subtraction, etc..). But it hardly matters.

    Even your smart phone will beat a 40 year old super computer.

    Quoting from the Incredibles Movie,
    "And when everyone's super... no one will be"