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Getting used computer parts

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  • Getting used computer parts

    Is it worth it? Mabie some wisdom to share, when buying used parts?

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    Depends what it is.
    CPUs can last for a very long time. HDD, not so long.


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      Second Hand Parts

      Originally posted by Monte Cristo View Post
      Is it worth it? Mabie some wisdom to share, when buying used parts?
      Last year I put together a PC with 1 GTX 560. Later I bought another - for about half price as the 6 series was just coming in. Works great.

      I'm now looking at upgrading my CPU. I've got an i7 3820 (4-core). I do a fair bit of video editing. I'd love a 6-core CPU. I was hoping the 3930k price would drop with the new 4930k coming in. But so far not so. On eBay (in Aus) the asking price of a 3930k is more than the new price. So my plan now is to save some more - probably for a 4930k (super-fantastic benchmark). I'd only need to update my Mobo bios beforehand and away I go.

      So there's no general rule about buying second hand. It depends on what you're buying and when and where. Your upgrade usually helps someone else upgrade too.


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        It really depends, but I find that often the cheap used parts are untested. OR They are tested found to be faulty and then they sell them as untested.
        So, if you don't mind returning broken parts you will save money. But not time.
        I would be wary of motherboards with embedded video cards.
        You may also run into cooling problems with old and dirty cooling components.