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Reallocation Sector Count Fail

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  • Reallocation Sector Count Fail

    I just want to know if I can still use my HD if it has a reading of:

    Raw Value Worst Value Threshold Status
    Reallocated Sectors Count, 4013, 3, 3, 36, Fail

    Will the HD crash very soon? Or can I use it for a couple of months?

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    If you aren't already, start keeping good backups.

    If it was my hard drive, or I would order a replacement immediately. Even if it doesn't totally fail do you really want a bunch or corrupted files that you might not notice until months or years later?

    Impossible to predict exactly how long it will last. So you need to plan for the worst.


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      It was a 1 terrabyte Hd, and it costs a lot here in our place. I hope it could last longer so I can save to buy a replacement. I'm using my pc for work so I really need it to last a little longer. Is there any diagnostics or any software to maintain the harddisks health at the moment? Not necessarily take it back to it's old form but at least avoid and control further error and damages.

      Thanks for the quick reply sir.


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        A 1TB drive should be about $70 USD.
        I assume you all the work you have stored on your hard drive is worth more than $70.

        Some hard drives have a 3 or 5 year warranty. Can you return it for a replacement?


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          I can't anymore, it's been more than 2 years. It only has a 1 year warranty. The error came after a 1 month computer malfunction. On and Off Pc because a burned motherboard. I already changed it and the the error came.