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1000 times faster cpu?

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  • 1000 times faster cpu?

    Hi David, i was surfing web and found interesting article about special thermal glue that can connect alot of cpus to a one huge block of cpu it is super fast and power efficient. When should we expect it to be available to our home computers?

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    Individual CPUs are already built up in layers of silicon. Individual transistors (Intel's Tri-gate) in the CPU are also built up in 3D.

    RAM chips are being stacked (c.f. Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium). It will probably happen to CPUs as well, but heat is a major problem. Stacking reduces surface area, but surface area is what is required for cooling. I don't think a new glue is the solution to this problem.

    Also more CPUs doesn't always mean more speed. There is much software available in the PC world that would make efficient use of 1000 CPUs / cores.

    There is a discussion on Wikipedia.