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  • GPU score lower than bafore

    Hi, weeks ago I searched for for the P2000 score and it was 8256, now cheking again I see it is 7700. Is there any wrong record or how can I interprete this discrepancy.?

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    The results are an average of all submissions. As such the more samples we get the more accurate the results become, whereas Videocards with only a few samples have less accurate results.

    With hundreds of submissions each day, there are bound to be a few outliers every now and then. When we notice it or when users point out the anomalies, we do clean up the charts a bit. We have manually excluded a couple of really bad (but not deleted the) submissions for P2000 with 3D Marks less than 500. The score will probably go up a little bit next time the charts are updated overnight.


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      Thank You Richard, yes I see a score sample has been removed this night, I also a very strange graph on the price chart. do you think other data will be exclided to come back to the previous value ?


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        With over 300 submissions, the score is likely to stay where close to where it is. We try not to remove any submissions unless it is very apparent that the results are outliers or users trying to manipulate the charts. The score is an average, so by definition, there will be scores lower than the average and scores higher the average.

        Regarding the pricing, the pricing are automatically updated by scripts, so it is likely the spikes are due to the scripts incorrectly picking up Laptops or full systems that may include the videocard.