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CPU PassMark Higher than it should be

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  • CPU PassMark Higher than it should be

    I know this sounds stupid, but I upgraded my Lenovo ThinkPad T420 from an i5-2520M to an i7-2670QM and the PassMark CPU score is now 6916.9 much higher than the i7-2670QM is supposed to score. The old i5-2520M scored 4113 but again the CPU score for that chip is only 3584 on your list. Why would the score for the CPU be so much higher than the standard score for the i7-2670QM of 5893? Is this 42386J2 motherboard just that good?

    I know most folks would just be happy about this, but I am curious as to why this particular machine is showing the CPU to be so fast.

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    Some of these mobile chips are thermally throttled. Meaning the cooling isn't good enough for them to run at full speed for anything other than short bursts.
    Some people also run them with the Window's power saving modes active, to safe battery power. Which can also result in reduced CPU clock speeds.


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      I realize that might be the case if my CPU was slow, but this one is 15% faster. Or are you saying all the other i7-2670QMs are being throttled but not mine for some reason?


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        Yes, that is exactly what I am suggesting might be the case.