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Recommended Specs CPU Freq vs CPU Mark

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  • Recommended Specs CPU Freq vs CPU Mark

    Adobe Photoshop recommends an Intel Core 2, 2 GHz CPU. If you are trying to purchase a CPU on a budget. Is it better to purchase an older processor that has a frequency greater than 2 GHz or purchase a newer processor that may have a frequency less than 2 GHz but has a higher CPU Mark score?


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    Any CPU made in the last 10 years will run Photoshop.

    To get the best performance I would suggest you,
    1) Use a good SSD
    2) Make sure you have enough RAM. Min 8GB
    3) Then worry about the CPU. You don't need a huge number of cores for PhotoShop. Four Cores is enough. Good single thread performance is important.
    4) Then worry about the video card. But only a few functions are GPU accelerated, so it isn't all that important.

    So ignore the clock speed, it tells you almost nothing for modern CPUs. Pick a CPU from the Single Threaded chart with 4 or more cores.


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      Thank you very much