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Download Sevrer too slow

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  • Download Sevrer too slow

    Everything about this software is driving me crazy. Download server is too slow. Have you ever tried to download your own god damn software? It takes ages with Chrome FFS!

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    Which file are you downloading?
    What speed are you getting?
    Where are you located?
    What is your ping latency to the server (which is US based)?

    The I tested a couple of downloads just now from Sydney, Australia, which is just about as bad at the latency can get, and I see around 600KB/sec to 1000KB/sec. Which is about normal for a long international link. Intra-USA speed are typically 5x better than this.

    I checked our server load. CPU is 98% idle, across the 40 cores. Disk is around 1% busy. Network is averaging 1.5MB/sec (on a Gigabit ethernet card). So server is barely being used.

    So very likely it was just a temporary glitch or a problem with your local ISP.