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Strange desktop behaviour

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  • Strange desktop behaviour

    I have an i5 4670 cpu in an Asrock Z87 Pro4 board. There is 16gb of ddr3 ram (2X8gb) and a Geforce GTX 1060 with 3gb and running windows 10.
    The main drive is a Kingston 120gb ssd.
    The first issue was a sata socket on the motherboard appeared to fail.
    I have swapped cables and dvds on the socket but nothing works in that socket and bios says it is not connected.
    I have lived with this issue but now things seem to be getting worse.
    For the last several months it has had odd behaviour on startup with different microsoft desktop screens showing for a few seconds before going to the one I had set.
    On some occasions it has not started and I have had to do a reset.
    Now when I start it , it initially begins to start , a second or less , but immediately stops , and then after a few seconds starts again properly and finishes properly.
    Once it is running it gives no trouble.
    I have given it a thorough cleaning out and there is no dust anywhere.
    I have removed every cable and jiggled them to clean them and put them back on.
    I have removed the ram and shifted them to different slots , put one in only .
    None of my efforts have changed anything.
    There have been no significant software changes that I have made.
    Is a bios reflash worth trying?
    Apart from the issues at startup and the dead sata socket it is running very well.
    Any suggestions ?
    Many thanks

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    My first guess would be some 3rd party software is giving trouble.

    If you have the time, you could try doing a full back, then doing a clean install of Windows.

    If for some reason you think it is hardware, you can use MemTest86 to test the RAM and BurnInTest to test the hard drive / CPU.


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      Thanks for the advice.
      I hope you're right. I am worried that some hardware is failing.
      I have just looked at the win 10 reliability monitor and it has an automatic software update for my Garmin gps (for the car) failing every day on my pc.
      I have deleted it completely and shut down everything in startup that is not essential.
      Many thanks