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Suddenly less score on CPU Benchmark

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  • Suddenly less score on CPU Benchmark


    I have an AMD R7 1700 @ 3,7 GHz. When I tested it the first time, I had a score of something above 15000 points, which sounds correctly compared to other systems.
    When I test it now, it only reaches a score of a bit more than 13000 Points. The only thing I changed since that was the BIOS, but with the same settings.

    What can be wrong there?

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    See this post to start with
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC

    The interesting thing would be to compare the individual scores between the two runs, to see in which area the performance decreased.


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      The turquois is the old one, the white the new. It seems it regards only Prime Numbers and Physics


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        it regards only Prime Numbers and Physics
        That points to some difference in the memory performance. As these two CPU tests make more use of RAM than the other tests.


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          Thanks, that's interesting. When I turn off SMT, I get a higher score in both (52 and 570), but the Memory Score doesn't seem to have changed too much (It's identical with and without SMT).

          Can you say more with this informations?


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            I think you are confused. SMT means simultaneous multithreading. If you turn it off then you would be running all the tests on a single core. Which on a AMD R7 1700 CPU would mean you would get much lower results for nearly all of the CPU tests.

            I wouldn't think it is even possible to turn it off in my BIOS implementations.


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              No, I'm not confused. Take a look at the pcitures, but thx anyway.


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                I think the naming in BIOS for this feature is wrong, or at least misleading.
                I think that BIOS setting in your screen shot controls the AMD hyperthreading feature. (and doesn't actually disable SMT as the name implies)