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Intel E7-4870 PassMark Benchmark Score Availability

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  • Intel E7-4870 PassMark Benchmark Score Availability


    Is a Passmark benchmark score available for the Intel E7-4870 (Quad-Core; 2.40GHz) processor? Intel announced in April 2011. I have searched the site, but was not able to find it. Would like to compare the standard benchmark score against a couple of alternatives.

    Thank you


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    Must be a very rare CPU as we don't have any results for it at the moment.


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      No, it's not very rare. It's currently Intel's most powerful quad socket CPU. There is e.g. two TPC-E benchmarks with it.


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        We track CPU popularity here. And have done for many years now.

        The most popular Xeon at the moment is the Intel Xeon E5450, at roughly 0.2% of the x86 market.

        For us to have collected nearly 700,000 benchmark results and not have a single instance of a 4870 means it is a exceedingly rare CPU.

        As the recommended retail price is $4,400 per CPU it is hardly surprising it is super rare. It is probably one of the worst value for money CPUs available.

        Also is isn't a quad core as you claim. It is a 10 core / 20 thread CPU.


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          Also it's a socket LGA-1567. Newegg doesn't even sell an LGA-1567 server board. I would like to know how it compares to the Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2 @ 2.70GHz. Dell is selling servers with the E7-4870 in it. I'm just curious.


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            There are now results in the charts for a dual CPU E7-4870.

            The dual CPU E5-2697 is faster however.