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The (various models) note for Android benchmarks

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  • The (various models) note for Android benchmarks

    I would really appreciate if you could go back to the old way of displaying the benchmark scores of various models of phones in the Android benchmark category rather than put them all into 1 category, as the performance can greatly vary from 1 model to another. For example, a certain model of the Galaxy S7, sold to Americans, was the most performant phone available, while the model sold to Canadians was lackluster to say the least.

    Edit: Speaking of the Galaxy S7, these benchmarks saved me 780$+ USD because I was in the market for an android phone and found out that the only Galaxy S7 available to me was literally the least performant of all the models and had very bad performance in the benchmarks. It would have been a mistake and a downgrade for me to purchase that phone, so you can see why I'm negatively affected by the fact that I cannot differentiate phone benchmark scores by model anymore.

    It's very important to me because I want to buy the most performant phone but I need to know which model I need to get for optimal performance.

    To be honest, this applies to every category of benchmarks, not just the Android one, but I'm not sure which categories you've implemented this change in.
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    There normally isn't such a large difference between the sub-versions. The sub-version number are generally just different case colours, support for different radio frequencies, or different amounts of storage. None of which normally has much of an impact on performance. Of course there are exceptions.

    The problem is that,

    1) We already have around 4000 different phone models in the Android benchmark list. Which is already too many. Leaving all the sub-models might double or triple this number. For example the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, has the following options, SM-G935V, SAMSUNG-SM-G935A, SM-G935P, SCV33,SM-G935T, SM-G935U, SM-G935W8, SM-G935F.

    2) Many web sites selling these phones don't actually list the sub-version numbers. So you don't know which one is being sold in many cases.