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  • Sleep time too long warning

    Dear Sir,

    I use the Sleeper V2.3 (Build 1012) for my test environment.

    When I set the S3 duration to 15-40, it seems system always wake up after around 70 seconds, everything goes well after I set it to 70 sec or above

    I've got a challenge from my team member that there are some defects in BIOS which I do not think so,

    Do you have any comments on this behavior ? or simply is it normal?

    log looks like this:
    2017-Mar-27 20:45:51 Going to sleep, S3, Unforced, Duration 30sec
    2017-Mar-27 20:48:07 Wake up from S3, Cycle 1
    2017-Mar-27 20:48:07 Sleep time too long warning, Sleep time 72sec


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    Maybe it is a slow machine and it takes a long time to go to sleep and wakeup?


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      Nope, it's a pretty fast machine, it's a Workstation, CPU is 2.4GB with 16GB Ram,

      When the duration is 30sec,is the sleeper set the alarm time to the RTC before it sends the sleep command? i check the RTC alarm time after wake, it seems to be sleeper set the 60-70 sec not 30 sec,

      any idea ?


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        CPU is 2.4GB
        This doesn't actually mean anything.

        We haven't looked into it, but sleep time is likely dependant more on the disk speed that CPU.


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          in my opinion, if S3 duration set to 30 sec

          Sleeper will set the time to wake in CMOS RTC alarm right before send the sleep command to OS

          after the system goes to s3, it will wake up at the specific time the Sleeper set

          in this scenario, the sleep time should not matters due to the wake-up time is determined by sleeper (that we can set S3 duration period in the configuration)

          in my case, It seems when S3 duration set to 15-60 sec, the sleeper always wake up after around 70 secs

          my question is,
          1. is my logic correct?
          2. if so, how is the Sleeper determine the wake-up time to be filled in RTC alarm time? because since we set the time to 30sec , it seems not 30sec at all.
          3. if my logic is not true, please advise why it wake-up after 70sec when I set the duration to 30sec? who set the wake-up time? and if not RTC , which is ?




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            My point is that the system can't wake up if it hasn't gone to sleep yet.
            So if a system takes 2 min to power down to reach the sleep state, then trying to get it to wake up in 30sec after the start of the process isn't going to work.
            So logically first step is to look at how fast your hardware is and see if this might be the issue.


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              I got your point, the system only takes about 2-3 seconds to sleep so it should not be the problem.

              My point is the sleep duration time should be set before the tool issue a sleep command (after issue the sleep command tool have no chance to set anything)

              in my test, if the system takes 2 min to sleep, the system won't wake up if the duration set to 30 seconds (the wakeup event will never be triggered at all)
              I confirmed it by check the RTC alarm time in CMOS after boot (with bios hold 2min in sleep smi)

              PS the environment is Win10 15063 with all driver installed.


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                Any comment?

                How does the tool work?

                1.Set the RTC alarm time to sleep duration time (user specific)
                2.set the system to sleep
                3.After wake up , log the info and repeat step 1

                is it correct?


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                  Of course the wake up time is set before going to sleep. The machine isn't running once it is asleep, so no code can execute after the machine is asleep.