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Extremely Low GPU GTX1070 benchmarks (Not a CPU bottleneck)

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  • Extremely Low GPU GTX1070 benchmarks (Not a CPU bottleneck)

    I am having extremely low benchmark scores, the average score for a GTX 1070 is roughly 10k, but I am getting scores around 6700 MAX, and even before I cleaned out the old drivers and updated them, and bios of the card, I was only hitting a score of around 4500.

    And before anyone says it, it's NOT a CPU bottleneck.
    While the AMD FX-6300 does bottleneck CPU intensive games like Forza 6 Apex, it never was given the chance to possibly bottleneck in the tests because not a single core ever hit 100%. GPU never went above 70% in any of the tests, and regularly was running around 40-50% capacity. What's going on? I've tried turning off all power saving options in both windows, and the NVidia control panels, but they make no difference. What's the issue?

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    Maybe it is a CPU bottleneck?
    (Just kidding....partially)

    The expected score for this combination of CPU and GPU is around 7000 - 8000. If you do some overclocking you might get it to 9000, if you are lucky. No chance of getting to 10,000 as the CPU is in fact a bit of a bottleneck, even if you don't want to believe it.

    But yes, you should be able to do a bit better with the hardware you have.

    Are you on Win7 or Win10 (as Win10 has DX12). What resolution monitor are you running?
    What version of PerformanceTest are you using?