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  • Bottlenecking

    Will a first get i7-960 Bottleneck the G1 Gaming Oc edition gtx 1050 ti?

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    i7-960 is 7+ years old.
    So yes, it is likely to hurt performance for some games at some settings and resolutions. (the lower the resolution and quality settings the more relatively load is on the CPU).


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      would a i7 7700k be good with 1x oc g1 gaming gtx 1050 ti and 2x Gigabyte GTX1080 8GB Xtreme Gaming


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        i7-7700K is pretty much the fastest consumer CPU available at the moment (particular in single threaded performance). So it would be fine. Possible overkill even.

        It isn't clear if you are going to use it will a 1050, then later on dual 1080s. Or if you are going to attempt 3 way SLI (which will end in tears I would imagine).


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          No, i want to have 2 1080's in sli and a 1050 just sitting there, also, i pressed memok when my pc was on. Now the startup of my computer is alot slower ( The mother board flash lasts for 10 seconds when it only used to stay up for 2 seconds and the "starting windows" lasts for 10-15 seconds when it used to only go for 3 seconds) On top of that when the pc sfinally logs in all of the drivers crash. Could you pledase help me?


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            Having 3 video cards in machine can cause problems. The games might not always run on the card you want if they are all active (and most games don't allow you to pick a particular card)

            The ASUS MemOK button is only designed to be used after the PC doesn't boot due to poor RAM configuration settings (which should really only occur during overclocking). So most people never need to touch it. Who knows what would happen if you press the button while the PC was already booted up and running.