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    I ran sleeper after my HP dv6-6100 laptop, Windows 7 Pro, lost the ability to sleep either manually or as a function of the power plan.

    Sleeper(v2.3 build 1006) indicates that power states s3 and s4 are supported so I ran sleeper with only s3 and s4 checked.

    When I click the Sleep Now button to start sleeper the laptop screen goes black but the fans continue to run and touchpad backlight and LED's never go out so I assume it never reaches a hibernation state.

    After waiting several minutes with no response I clicked the mouse and sleeper came back. The log messages were:
    08:42:16 Going to sleep, S3, Unforced, Duration 30sec
    08:42.29 Sleep error, Error code 50
    08:42:29 Error entering sleep state S2...

    I ran sleeper again with only S4 checked. Same behavior except the log messages were:
    08:56:00 Going to sleep, S4, Unforced, Duration 60sec
    08:56:08 Sleep error, Error code 50
    08:56:08 Error entering sleep state S3...

    What do these messages indicate other than that I have a problem?
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    You can find a list of error codes here,

    Error 50 is, ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED, The request is not supported.

    My guess is that some device driver installed on this system is preventing the system from going into sleep.

    Sometimes additional information is available in the Windows Event log.