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CPU Performance Benchmark is terrible

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  • CPU Performance Benchmark is terrible

    My CPU Mark is 2189 for my i7-6700, when the average is around 9900. My gaming performance has been suffering terribly because of this even though my setup seems pretty good to me. This is my setup.

    MSI H110M Pro-VD (bad motherboard but I don't think that makes a difference)
    Intel i7-6700
    Asus ROG Strix 1070
    Kingston HyperX Fury 2133Mhz DDR4 16GB
    EVGA 750w GQ PSU

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    See this post to start with,
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      Have you checked your cpu temps? If your heat sink is either under powered, not properly seated or has an inadequate or uneven distribution of thermal paste, the cpu might be getting really hot and throttling.

      On Windows 10, the latest version may not load so download 1.0 RC9 linked under past releases.


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        There is no need for 3rd party tools, PerformanceTest displays the CPU temperature.
        (it is on the main screen in PerformanceTest V9)