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  • Forum Upgrade Update

    Yesterday we decided to upgrade the forum software.

    I didn't go so well.

    We went from vBulletin V3.8.7 to vBulletin V4.1.8, and after spending the day moving across all the old posts, user accounts and page templates, we found that V4.1.8 is broken. The AJAX driven editor doesn't work in some browsers. Meaning that it wan't possible for some users to edit posts.

    The vBulletin people seem to have no solution despite a fair number of people reporting the problem.

    So we had no alternative except to roll back to V3 again. So here we are. Good thing we had backups.

    Sorry about the disruption to the site during the upgrade and roll back.

    The roll back resulted in the deletion of 2 new posts. If you were the author of even of these posts, feel feel to post them again.

    We might try the upgrade again in a few days if we can fix up the problems with V4.

    Update: We also combined a few of the forum sections that had only light traffic.

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    Had another more successful attempt today at upgrading the forum. Still isn't perfect but we are working on it.