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  • PassMark database API?

    I was wondering if PassMark offered any type of API for their vast database of benchmarks?

    You have a great site, but I was thinking it would be nice to have some tools that could do some very selective searching of your database in order to pinpoint exactly what type of hardware you should buy. It would be a pretty simple web app I could easily write, but would obviously require some sort of API access.

    Anyways, just wondering if you guys have any type of API or have ever considered it.

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    We can supply a dump of pretty much the entire DB in CSV format, updated weekly. But there would be a cost involved and some license conditions. (This is about 350,000 benchmark results at the time of writing).


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      Have you guys considered creating any kind of php-based API that developers could use to poll your database(s)? Obviously it would have to have some wrappers to keep the database details and sql-queries secret.

      Also licensing restrictions and possibly even a license agreement would probably be required in order to protect your assets. Something where end users would be required to provide direct links back to PassMark's website in order to make sure you don't loose traffic.

      And since you could use API-keys, this means you could easily setup query-throttling in order to keep people from hitting the database too often or too fast. With this, you could also tell if anyone was simply dumping your entire database and cut them off.


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        There hasn't been enough requests to date to go to this much effort.


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          Hi ,
          I have been wondering if there is any change regarding the API. If you cannot provide API what would be the price for the dump?


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            Dump prices can be found here,