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New laptop cleanup.

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  • New laptop cleanup.

    My first post. I'll start by saying I'm computer illiterate but this site has been extremely helpful researching what I wanted/needed in a laptop. Just purchased a:
    Acer 15.6" screen laptop PC with Intel Core i3-330M Processor, 4GB DDR3, 320GB HDD w/ Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for $575.
    I'll take any input on whether I bought for the right price or not. The first thing I would like to do is get rid of all the "junk" on this laptop that isn't required/used. Does anyone have any advice on accomplishing this? Don't want to delete required programs/files. Will the computer let me know that I'm uninstalling required programs? Will it tell me they are required and they actually are not? Lastly, I'll be installing Microsoft Office 2010 Proffesional Pro and removing Microsoft Works. I should remove Microsoft Works prior to installing office correct? Thanks in advance for computer advice 101.

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    If the PC came with a Windows disc you could just re-install windows, but often these PC's don't come with just Windows on a separate disk.

    Most of the stuff in Add/ Remove programs is save to delete, but you should probably research each item before you delete them.

    If it is a full version of Office (and not an upgrade) uninstall Works.


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      PC has arrived.

      The PC didn't come with a windows disk. Can I try and get one from ACER? Would that be an abnormal request?

      I'm not sure about the Office pro wheather it's an upgrade or the full blown. I do know I can get the disk for office pro for an additional $12. I'll look into it. If it is an upgrade does that mean leave works on and install the office pro upgrade on top?

      Where would I do this research prior to removing programs? What do you mean by save to delete? I ask these stupid questions because I seem to remeber deleting programs that I didn't think I needed and the function of my PC went downhill after due to not having particular programs. Thanks a bunch. Computers are scary.

      Sincerely, Computer genius


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        Google is a good place to do research.

        > save to delete

        Opps, typo. Should have been "safe to delete".