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  • PassMark Software videos made by users

    These videos are made by our users, and range from software tutorials to demonstrating more advanced ways to use our software. If you've made a video which uses our software, let us know!


    Speed Up Your Games and Computer Performance (by doc800)
    This video shows you how to use PerformanceTest when overclocking your hardware, how to create a baseline and subsequently comparing the difference with the overclocked hardware.

    Intel Core i7 vs Intel Atom - 3D Physics Engine Benchmark (by ibenchmark)
    This video shows off the Advanced Visualized Physics test new to version 7, by benchmarking the Intel Core i7 and Atom CPU in three CPU tests with side-by-side comparison videos. A fun video, even if the final result isn't surprising.

    Windows 7 vs XP SP3 (by VooD)
    This video compares overall system performance between the Windows 7 beta and Window XP SP3 using PerformanceTest 7 on a Core2 Duo machine. This user also looks at boot times between the two operating systems and a few bugs in the Windows 7 beta product.

    PassMark CPU Benchmarks (by samuraijp)
    This video demonstrates how to use PerformanceTest version 7. No frills here, this video just shows how to simple it is to download a relevant baseline and run the full suite of tests in PT.

    PassMark PerformanceTest (by lordgeorgemaster)
    This is a narrated video which shows how to use PerformanceTest version 6. The author walks us through each test suite, comparing values to the downloaded baseline.


    Wiffy Extreme - Wifi Antenna (by drboose)
    This hands-on video demonstrates how to use WirelessMon to detect access points using parabolic satellite dish and a waveguide coffee can attenna feed. A very polished DIY video.

    Internet at the Cliff Spot (by drboose)
    This is a follow-up video which shows the author trying out his parabolic dish in a remote area, and his use of WirelessMon to stumble onto wifi access points in the area.