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Intel 000 CPU- What are CPUs with this name

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  • Intel 000 CPU- What are CPUs with this name

    CPU's with the name, "Intel 000" appear in our benchmark charts from time to time.

    Some people might be wondering what models CPUs with this name are.

    As far as we can tell this is a code name used by Intel on all their new CPUs. So typically these are engineering samples used by Intel and their partners. These CPUs don't have a model number encoded into them, instead they just have 000 as the model.

    But by looking at the spec's and performance of the CPU it is often possible to have a guess at what the final model name will be, once the CPU is released on the market.

    At the time of writing we are seeing two CPUs appearing as Intel 000 in the charts. We think they might be the yet unreleased Core i7 975 at 3.2Ghz and the Intel Lynnfield Quad-core Processor at 2.13GHz, which we think will be the Core i5 when released.

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    Intel 000 CPU @ 2.13 GHz


    I bought a processor from ebay which appears on my system "Genuine Intel 000 @ 2.13 GHz" What could be the model name of this processor ?



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      It is impossible to tell from the limited details you provided. You would need to look at the socket type, cache size, number of cores, turbo speed, etc.. to have a guess.

      You could ask the person you bought it off?


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        How was the Heatspreader labelled?
        I am quite used to ES CPU's and I have never seen one which looked like an ordinary CPU.

        Usually there should be written Engineering Sample on it instead of the model number.
        I can't imagine that someone would try to sell ES CPU's as regular ones.