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  • DiskCheckup & Windows Home Server

    I installed DiskCheckup 2.1 (Build 1000) successfully on my RC1 Windows Home Server. The problem is that it only sees one drive, while I have 4 hard drives installed. I'm guessing that this has to do with the fact that WHS does not assign a letter to any drive except the first. It then uses mount points to access the other drives. Is there anyway to get DiskCheckup to see and monitor these other disks? I think this would be incredibly helpful in monitoring the health of my Home Server.


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    At the moment we have done no testing on the new Windows Home Server product But I do know that it has a new file system. It is still based on NTFS, but drives no longer get a drive letter, instead they appear as one large drive with partial mirroring at the folder level.

    At the moment the low level technical document on this is sparse and it isn't clear if it will be possible to get details from the individual drives.