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BE (Unknown Attribute) ???

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  • BE (Unknown Attribute) ???

    I have a seagate hard drive and I'm wondering what this attribute represents, it's failing and I have a hunch that it may just be that it's not getting enough air flow to cool it down. Does it represent the temperature?

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    The BE attribute is not clearly defined. However on Seagate drives it should represent the value of ( 100-Temperature in degrees celcius). The idea behind this is that all the normalized values (the values under the 'value' column rather than the raw value) should always be worse when they are lower, and better when they are higher. Additionally this allows the drive to specify a threshold value. The threshold value represents the minimum the normalized value should reach when the drive is operating normally.

    If the normalized value is under this threshold then you are most likely correct that there is not enough airflow around your drive to keep it cool.