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  • autorun Linux BurnInTest

    I have the BurnInTest GUI version started as part of a Linux shell script. I would like to automatically start running the test once the GUI is opened. I know that a -r modifier will start the test in a DOS shell environment. Is there a Linux equivalent? (I've tried ~/.../ -r without success).

    Also, is there a way to automatically select the "Burn In Results" tab in the GUI without user intervention?



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    The command is -R <miliseconds> in the Linux version, please see the "Command line parameters" section of the help file for more information.

    No there isn't a way to select the results tab without interaction.


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      Hi Tim,

      This there any version release can be select the results tab, i think that is an important for user to review the stress test result.

      Or any log path can review test result?

      BR, Paul


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        No the results tab is not auto selected on test start, we have added it to our requested features list to look at in future.

        The log path depends on what has been set in the logging preferences.