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EN55032 Test pattern with moving element image generator (ITU BT.1729)

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  • EN55032 Test pattern with moving element image generator (ITU BT.1729)

    We have been working on a new feature for BurnInTest that will help with EMC testing (Electro Magnetic compliance).

    For many years there was a standard called ANSI standard C63.4-1992. Which defined how to go about testing computer monitors for EMC. Part of this was having the monitor display scrolling 'H's during the compliance testing as a way of standardising the testing process.

    The ability to display the scrolling H test has been in BurnInTest since 2002.

    Unsurprisingly, this is what is looked like (in an Arial 9 point font). You have to imagine it scrolling up the screen.

    But this standard is getting pretty old now. It is being replaced by a new standard known as EN55032 and the "Test pattern with moving element image". Also known as CISPR 32 (ITU BT.1729)

    We have been implementing this for the up coming BurnInTest V9 release. This is what the new EMC test pattern looks like. You have to imagine the "moving elements" which appear near the bottom of the image.

    Version 9 of BurnInTest isn't released as yet, but pre-releases are available on request if you need to do EMC testing.