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BIT 8.0 Configuration Setting

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  • BIT 8.0 Configuration Setting

    Hi Guys:
    We are doing the stress test on our IPC with BIT 8.0 to figure out how many heat it can handle.
    Therefore, is BIT 8.0 have constant current setting?! (ex: we want all loading cannot over 2.0A)

    Also, if we want CPU have full loading, should we only select “CPU” in" test configuration and duty circle"?!

    What if we select CPU(100%) and memory (100%), are both of CPU and Memory 100% loading or CPU may not able to reach 100% cause by memory have full loading?!

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    There is a "maximum heat" test setting in the CPU test preferences that is designed to generate more heat than the normal CPU test. When using this test you should just select this option and disable the other CPU options.

    Running just the CPU test at 100% is a better idea if you are just focused on loading the CPU otherwise there will be small amounts of time spent on other actions (such as allocating and writing memory) though the CPU use will likely still remain at 100% (all the test threads in BurnInTest run independently).