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High memory latency detected during burn-in test using Passmark 7.0 Pro

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  • High memory latency detected during burn-in test using Passmark 7.0 Pro

    We have experienced a number of systems, that during burn-in has shown wrong memory information in the burn-in rapport.

    Same type of memory module, Kingston Value RAM DDR3 4GB 1333MHz CL9.

    Example (incorrect memory information):
    DDR3 SDRAM PC523600
    SSTL 3.3V, Clk: 909.1MHz, Timings 7-219-55-120 (@ Max. freq.)

    Example (The correct memory information, what it should be like):
    4GB DDR3 SDRAM PC3-10600
    Kingston 9905403-555.A00LF, serial#: 891203806
    1.5V, Clk: 666.7MHz, Timings 9-9-9-24 (@ Max. freq.)

    As the systems has passed the burn-in test, we are looking into if it is Passmark that are providing wrong information in the burn-in rapport and what could be the cause of this.

    /Peter Petersen

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    Can you try using the current version of BurnInTest (V8.1) and see if the data looks correct.

    Getting the correct information depends on the CPU & Motherboard in use. So if it isn't correct in V8.1 can you provide the full system details.


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      Thank you for the quick reply David.

      Unfortunately we do not have one of the original memory modules to test on.

      But if I can Refer to another post on your performance board which looks very similar to mine, did you find out what the problem was in that post?


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        The other post was from around a year ago.
        I would be fairly sure it was a bug that was corrected since then.