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CPU test error : Incorrect 128bit (SIMD-SSE) floating point addition

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  • CPU test error : Incorrect 128bit (SIMD-SSE) floating point addition

    I saw one CPU test error during running BurnInTest in our lab. We ran BurnInTest utility on 40 boards for 24 hours simultaneously, but only 3 boards met this error symtom.

    Error message : Incorrect 128bit (SIMD-SSE) floating point addition

    BurnInTest version : 8.0
    CPU : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3150 @ 1.60GHz (braswell)
    OS : Windows 7 SP1 32-bit
    DRAM : 2GB

    Because this CPU is new design, could you help to check whether version 8.0 can support this CPU testing ?


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    Yes we support Braswell.

    We have had two reports of USB 3.0 issues with the Intel Braswell reference development motherboard. As best we can tell at the moment it is an electrical issue on the motherboard.

    This is the first report on CPU / SSE issues however. We have a single example of a Braswell board here and can do some testing, but given the low incidence you have observed any testing we do will likely be inconclusive.

    But given the test works on all other CPUs, there is likely a fault on your boards. e.g. RAM, or CPU.


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      On the systems that showed this issue could you please run the test with the trace file detail set to level 1 and once the error occurs send us a copy of the logs. There should be some extra information logged which might give an insight into what it happening.