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BurnIn Test data Repeatability

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  • BurnIn Test data Repeatability

    Hi All,
    I've performed CPU, RAM, DISKs, Network, USB and Serial Port Test on a computer with multiple runs. The standard deviation of RAM test is higher than all other test results.
    Operations--> 1st Run 2nd Run 3rd Run 4th Run Avg Std Dev
    CPU (Trillion) 10.283 10.401 10.343 11.16 10.54675 0.41166198
    Memory (RAM) (Billion) 113 110 108 28.486 89.8715 40.9752208
    2D Graphics 11366 10264 9254 9757 10160.25 903.418831
    3D Graphics 10536 10753 11159 11343 10947.75 368.923998
    USB3 (Billion) 93.818 95.558 97.304 99.377 96.51425 2.38070163
    USB2 (Million) 495 504 502 507 502 5.09901951
    Sound (Million) 7.199 6.549 7.464 6.67 6.9705 0.43348087
    Serial Port 1 (Million) 17.231 17.076 16.972 16.979 17.0645 0.12072144
    Serial Port 2 (Million) 17.251 17.103 17.006 16.989 17.08725 0.12016204
    Disk (C (Billion) 81 86.168 80.866 90.194 84.557 4.49617689
    Disk (F (Billion) 110 107 109 101 106.75 4.03112887
    Network1 655440 653840 659760 646400 653860 5566.51896
    The standard deviation in RAM, 2D graphics and 3D graphics test is more. What could be the possible reason for large variation in data. The test duration is 15 minutes in all test runs; and all settings are same between each Run. The machine was not connected to network and only OS is installed; with no other software installed in machine.


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    Were these test run consecutively or was there a reboot between them?
    Does the RAM test continue to get slower on the system each time?

    Do you have the log files from these runs?
    here may be some information in them to indicate what might be causing the behaviour.


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      It is consecutive run with no reboot between them.
      The behavior of RAM Test is random and it gets slower randomly between each runs.
      I ran "Multi Process Torture Test" with test settings of 4 multi process and 22% of RAM each. Test pattern is cyclic. Log files are attached.
      Attached Files


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        We haven't been able to reproduce any similar behaviour here and the results are very consistent over multiple runs.

        Do you see the same behaviour if you are just running the RAM test by itself?


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          Maybe on the 4th run the system was slightly low of RAM and there was a bit of use of the paging file. Paging file is typically around 100x slower than normal ram. So you don't need much to dramatically lower the result.

          If you want to benchmark the hardware, consider using our PerformanceTest software.


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            If I run RAM test by itself then the variation is within confidence interval to prove equivalence.
            When the system is low on RAM, it uses paging and might result in increased CPU usage with decreased RAM usage. The C disk operations are increased with Paging operation in process. Could it be due to RAM has been over allocated?
            I'll try with performance test software too. Thanks for helping.