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Burn In test does not support number of disks

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  • Burn In test does not support number of disks

    Hi All,
    I'm receiving an error while configuring "Disk" test in "BurnIn Test Preferences". The error says "BurnIn Test does not support the number of disks on this system for BurnIn Test. Some disk preferences will not be saved".
    I'm trying to perform Test mode "Random data with random seeking" on one of the disk drive. The block size is selected to 64KB and file size is selected as 15% pf disk.
    Could you please help in fixing the issue and let me know the reason behind this error.

    Thanks and Regards

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    What version of BurnInTest are you using and how many disks are connected to the machine?


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      I'm using version 8.1 and four disk are connected in machine using RAID controller.


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        Could you please try the most recent version of BurnInTest and if you still see the error please launch in debug mode to generate a debug log and send us that log after reproducing the error.


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          ok. I'll try with new version too. Thanks Tim.