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Log lose some information use v9.0 Pro (1008)

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  • Log lose some information use v9.0 Pro (1008)

    We set the Logging setting as below
    - Enable Turn automatic logging on
    - Enable Time stamped files
    - Report types only select "Text"
    - Report detail: Log file detail level is "Normal"; Trace file detail level is "No trace log"; Summarize uncheck; Max file Size (lines) is 10000
    - Periodically log result summary reports during a test is 0
    - Pre-test logging options select "Clear the test result and append the next test results to the existing log file"

    But sometimes we find the log file will lose some information. Please check the attached picture.
    And the test result are all pass.

    What situation will cause log lose information?

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    Skipping the system information collection at startup or when the test starts would cause this situation as the information has not been collected.