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WinPE for Win 10 hangs when creating a USB drive

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  • WinPE for Win 10 hangs when creating a USB drive

    I am trying to create a bootable BurnInTest Pro bootable USB drive, and the process hangs indefinitely. I think I am missing something in the process?

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    From the screenshot, it looks like it is having trouble copying the the BurnInTest folder. Xcopy is used to copy the folder and it's content to the mounted image. The error code is [4] which typically means "Insufficient memory to copy files or invalid drive or command-line syntax".

    First check and make sure that you have enough space on your C: Drive, the base WinPE image is mounted and expanded in the temp location you specify. Then any additional files will be added to the base image.

    How did you create the BurnInTest folder? Did you use Install to USB Drive option from within BurnInTest? Are there other files in the BurnInTest folder that you placed there yourselves?

    Can you run WinPEBuilder with debug logging enabled, start WinPEBuilder from the command line and specify 'DEBUGMODE' (or '-d') as a command line parameter. In the user documents folder, there should be a couple of files, can you send them in. C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\PassMark\WinPEBuilde r:

    wpebldlast.cfg - This is the last configuration used
    wpeblddebug.log - This is the log file.


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      Thanks Richard...
      There is plenty of space on the hard rive, and I am using a blank 8gb USB drive. I thought at first it could be space, but I'm not sure that is it.

      I created the folder using the
      Install to USB Drive option from within BurnInTest, and I did not add any other files.

      I will run the PR Builder using the debug, and send you the results.
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        There is something strange in your log that seems to indicate that you may have specify a bad temp work previously. Specifically, the log is showing that WinPEBuilder is trying to copy files from: "C:\Zip\BurninTestUSB\dll_x64\WPB0000\mount\.. .". The "WPB0000\mount" part is concerning as this naming convention is what WinPEBuilder uses when creating folders in the temp directory while it is running. Then we see "Insufficient memory". The WPBXXXX directory is not part of BurnInTest software program files. I'll suggest deleting the C:\Zip\BurnInTestUSB directory and doing a fresh "InstallToUSB drive" from within BurnInTest.


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          Thanks, I'll give it a try and let you know.


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            Thanks for your help...I built the USB on another computer, and it worked ok...must have been an issue on the other system...Thanks!