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BurnInTest Error - possibly related to RAM

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  • BurnInTest Error - possibly related to RAM

    Using BurnInTest and a WinPE build to run a stress test on 7th gen Intel NUC's. Recently a ram stick was discontinued, so I was tasked to conduct a test on a newer stick (Crucial 4gb 2400MHz from 2133MHz). I am having an issue getting BurnInTest to even start. The RAM being the only thing changed. Citing the following error:

    Please provide this information to Passmark Software: 0xC0000006 0000000140256410 0x00000000 000000000014E910 0x00000003

    I tried saving a new config file. This did not resolve the error. BurnInTest runs fine from a Windows2Go build with this RAM. Only seems to not work with WinPE in this scenario.

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    I think 0xC0000006 is a Windows Kernel error code, STATUS_IN_PAGE_ERROR.

    Sometimes this means the memory page could not be loaded into memory from disk (or from a network).
    Could be a faulty USB drive that you used with WinPE ?