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Bootable USB of Passmark - Could not start KMserver

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  • Bootable USB of Passmark - Could not start KMserver

    Hi All

    I bought a bootable version of Passmark, it worked once and booted up for a board to run the software

    Now when i go to boot up i get the error "Could not start KM server" and i am left at a nix login screen (not a linux man sorry)

    Any advice?



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    If possible could you please upload a photo of the error message.

    Have you tried other USB ports on the system (or using a USB2 port if you were using USB3)?
    Is there an option on the system to choose between UEFI and legacy (BIOS) boot options , if so can you try the legacy option.

    What sort of hardware are you trying to boot on? If it is very new, particularly if you are using integrated Intel graphics, then there is a chance that Porteus (the Linux version the USB uses) may not support it yet.