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2D fail about KVM

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  • 2D fail about KVM

    I have some questions about KVM, I know FAQ said Don't use a KVM switch can narrow down this issue.
    Because I need to testing 30 machines every project, use KVM is better to test, I want to know

    1. Why some project can use KVM never 2D fail, and some project will happened 2D issue almost 100% when use KVM.
    2. What may related on this different ?

    use KVM's issue here
    1.No operations reported in time out period
    2.frame could not be displayed and was skipped picture

    1. Burnin(1024) the same issue.
    2. HDMI/VGA KVM the same issue.
    thanks a lot!

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    Your screen shot was too low a resolution to see anything.

    As a general comment, I don't think it really makes sense to do video card testing without a monitor connected. Some errors such as video corruption will go unnoticed if you can't inspect the display output.

    We haven't done a deep investigation as to why a KVM switch doesn't always provoke an error. Likely it is timing and related to the design of the card and maybe the output in use (DVI, Display port, etc..).


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      this screen's error is :
      Software exception encountered.
      This problem is most often caused by Burnin Test
      exercising a system component that failed.

      this issue happened rate is lower.
      use KVM 10% / don't use KVM 3%

      and I have another question
      1. we bought burnin 8.1 (build 1003 or older)and have a key
      Can we download 8.1 (build 1024) and use the same key to use?
      2. If yes, we can use this key until 8.1 update to 8.X or 9 ?

      thank you so much.


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        Yes, you should upgrade to the latest patch release. The key for V8.x will work in all V8.x releases.
        All upgrades are free for 6 months after a purchase. We should have V9 available as a beta release very early in the new year..

        The 3% failure rate might be real hardware failures. Is hard to know without further investigation.
        If you are getting a crash (and not just an error message) when using a KVM, then this is a bit unusual. You would need to investigate the crash dump to see if it crashed in DirectX or Video card device driver code or in the BIT application itself.