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AC and DC change on laptop during running BurnInTest v8.1 with 100% duty cycles.

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  • AC and DC change on laptop during running BurnInTest v8.1 with 100% duty cycles.

    I cannot see any recommended configurations about that in BIT Users Guide 8_1.
    I think I should not change laptop's power state to affect its test when it is running, right?
    I known most of laptops will slow down its speed itself when battery mode to save battery life.

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    It depends what you are trying to test. Maybe you want to test the transition from mains power to battery power.

    Certainly some laptops do run slower on battery power, but it depends on the Windows power settings as well.


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      I found a recommendation in BIT Users Guide 8_1 as following.
      My windows power settings is balance plan, windows will slow down CPU's speed to a very low frequency.(4.7G->2.1G) to save battery life.
      And I kept unplugging out and plugging in(AC and DC change over and over again ) fast and many times during BurnInTest is running at 100% duty cycles.
      Finally, I got some errors in BurnIntest but system still worked fine just error messages in BurnInTest.
      I though It is normal behavior as expected when it has to slow down system's speed such as CPU and GPU to protect battery not OCP(over current protection)
      in a very high-end gaming model, I tried some gaming model in 2017 and got same results.
      So I am checking the Users Guide to find if there is a recommendation for this kind of gaming laptops.
      What do you think for that? Thanks.

      Check that the power supply that you have is large enough to power all the components installed in
      your system. A power supply typically supplies power at several different voltages (e.g. 3.3V, 5V,
      12V). You should check that there is adequate wattage available at each of these voltages. PC
      power supplies are typically in the 250 - 500 Watt range. (Avoid power supplies that are 250 watts or
      less )


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        I am pretty sure we don't make any specific recommendations for gaming laptops in the User's Guide.

        The comments in the User's Guide related to having adequately sized PSU apply to all computers. But for Laptops you are generally stuck with the power supply that came with the unit.


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          The gaming laptops now have had a very high performance and power consumption such as Nvidia GTX1080's laptops
          and they will generally slow down their performance to protect battery when user unplug its AC adapter
          The current battery technology have not been able to meet the gaming laptop needs so the manufacturers have to show down laptop's performance under battery.
          BurnInTest is a best stability test software in the world and there is also a heavy loading especially at 100 duty cycles so If I change AC and DC over and over again during BurnInTest is runing.
          I will not see any impacts on some business and low-end laptops with integrated graphics but there will be big impact on some extreme gaming laptops.
          I didn't see any definitions about running BurnInTest with battery mode in user guide,especially for these extreme gaming laptops.
          So I want to know your thought for that.
          I unplugged and plugged AC adapter over and over again. It is just for a critical problem such as sudden system shutting off, hang or BSoD when the gaming laptop changes its power state
          under a heavy loading(full power state) so I think I can ignore that error messages in BurnInTest because it is not the purpose of BurnInTest for this test
          and the error message is also not for such test.
          If that is my purposes to find those critical issues not an error in APPs, I would ignore that error message in BurnInTest when doing that test and system still works fine without any problems.


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            I know to slow down performance under battery it is not a good idea for user experience but in the year 2017, the gaming laptop has to be designed in a very slim and light to meet user needs.
            So the manufacturers will remind user in their manual that gaming laptop will slow down performance under battery and don't suggest play a game under battery to avoid their data lost
            because the battery would be being run out of very fast.(at a slim and light GTX1080 gaming laptop, it only works for around 15~30 mins under a heavy game/loading)
            It is a compromised design on current gaming laptop when battery has yet not had a great breakthrough.
            So I think there should be a advice in BurnInTest user guide for that.


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              So I think there should be a advice in BurnInTest user guide for that.
              The BurnInTest User's Guide focuses on how to use the software.
              I think it is out of scope to go into the detail about the limitations & compromises of gaming laplop design in the User's Guide.

              The whole concept of a gaming laptop doesn't makes much sense to me. The sensible use case is really limited.


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                Have you ever done a test on the laptops in your hand? Repeat quickly to unplug and plug in AC adapter (around one time every one second) during BurnInTest is running.


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                  Switching from battery to mains power is a common event, and yes we have done it There should be no issues with it.

                  But switching back and forwards each second over a long period of time is something we haven't done. It doesn't sound like a realistic real life scenario. Results would depend on the particular laptop.