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Question about Plugins for Bootable Burn in Test

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  • Question about Plugins for Bootable Burn in Test

    I had a few questions before making a purchase. I am wondering if you can run screen testing, battery testing, and keyboard testing from bootable BIT? I see you have the option for battery but will this show if the battery can still hold a full charge or something similar? Also, is there anyway to test a few keys for functionality and check the monitor for dead pixels or touch screen etc from boot. I see that you have software for both the keyboard and monitor but I would need to test these from a bootable environment as the laptops I am testing do not have an os. I am wondering if these three things are possible with your software from boot. Also, do you provide any demo software? Thanks

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    There are two bootable options. WinPE and Linux. So Windows software (like those utilities you mentioned) won't work under Linux.
    For WinPE there can often be problems with device drivers. e.g. is the correct device driver for the touch pad and touch screen going to be available under a self boot scenario? So it makes more sense to run these tests under the full version of Windows.