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  • BurnInTest Plugin Package

    I am reading a PDF document--that came with my purchase of BurnInTest version 6--and it explains how to set up a pre-install environment. There is a URL that is listed in the document which allows me to download BurnInTest plugins. Unfortunately, that URL seems to no longer be valid.

    Here's the URL: bartpe

    Since this URL no longer appears to be valid, is there some other place I can get it? Or better yet, how critical are these plugins when creating a PE disc?

    Any insight is most appreciated! Thank you!

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    The file is still on the server, you are missing the underscores in the link.

    The plugin is needed if you plan on making a bootable version of BurnInTest V6 using BartPE. They contain configuration values for use of BurnInTest & BartPE.


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      I tried with the underscores yesterday but it still wouldn't pull up. Now it is.

      I may have tried to access it via Mozilla, so maybe there is some incompatibility there.

      At any rate, thank you!